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MCFE products have regularly won prestigious international awards for their design, which focuses on user experience.


MCFE Brands

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MCFE designs, manufactures, markets and supports three distinctive brands, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, Cat® Lift Trucks and Rocla, each with a strong reputation in the marketplace. In each case we offer a comprehensive range, allowing most customers to meet all of their counterbalance and warehouse needs using a single supplier. The brands are marketed through separate networks to appeal to different customer categories and to satisfy their particular requirements.


Bearing in mind the heritage of MCFE, you can be sure that every Cat®, Mitsubishi or Rocla product is built to the same high quality standards and features the latest innovative design and technology. A particular characteristic of our latest products that sets them apart from the competition is the way they meet and respond to operators’ needs. We want to ensure that operators feel confident, empowered and in full control – which leads to greater contentment and higher productivity.


Our automated guided vehicles (AGVs), branded as Rocla products, are the most advanced in the world. They benefit from Rocla’s pioneering AGV expertise and from the proven technology developed by Rocla for its warehouse trucks.