Our corporate vision

Together with our customers, we create a better future for global society by providing innovative materials handling solutions.

About Us

Our Qualities

Why should you work with us?


The quality of our products speaks for itself and is exactly what you would expect from a company with our heritage. You can also be sure that a company like ours, backed by such globally established names as Caterpillar and Mitsubishi, is under stable, secure ownership and will never let you down. Our record shows that this is a company that will continue to grow, to attract the best staff, to reward its shareholders with healthy profits and to score highly for customer satisfaction.


Something else that distinguishes us is the way we do business. We are an international, multicultural company, with employees from every country, and everyone in our organisation communicates and co-operates effectively for the benefit of each other and of the customer. Our employees are truly appreciated and we give them every encouragement to develop and fulfil their potential. We work to ISO quality standards and our ethical, accountable approach means doing much more than just complying with legislation. When it comes to environmental and safety matters, for instance, we take our responsibilities very seriously.


We think globally and act locally, not only to protect the planet but to bring local customers and communities the benefits and efficiencies of our international-scale business. Thanks to our extensive network of carefully selected dealers, who share our belief in the importance of customer care, we are always near to you. As well as designing innovative products, we are constantly creating new ways of meeting customers’ particular local needs with our range of services.