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Code of Conduct

MCFE employs individuals from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. This diversity of talent and perspectives is one of our greatest assets. At the same time however, MCFE as a company must operate with a single corporate culture that enables it to compete successfully in the global market while maintaining its reputation as a company of high integrity and ethics. In order to safeguard these values, MCFE uses a Code of Conduct that all employees must adhere to in order to uphold its reputation. The Code of Conduct summarizes the principles and policies of fair play and integrity that govern our company, setting out expectations regarding acceptable employee behavior, providing guidelines for handling situations and dilemmas, which call for support and clarification and which assist employees in furthering MCFE’s goals.

MCFE employees are subject to various local laws and regulations. Although the Code of Conduct is applicable in any country where MCFE operates, employees are also subject to the national laws and regulations of their home country and of the countries within which they operate. MCFE is committed to comply with the laws of every jurisdiction in which it operates. Where a local law sets higher standards or requirements than those set out in its Code of Conduct, the local law’s standards and requirements takes precedence.

Respect for Human Rights, Mutual respect Honesty and integrity

MCFE is committed to equal opportunities and diversity. No one is discriminated against as a result of gender, age, disability, nationality, ethnical origin, religion, worldview or sexual orientation. All employees are expected to interact with one another based on mutual respect and honor everyone’s right to privacy and dignity.

Responsibility for the Reputation of MCFE

Employees are expected to exercise good judgment and to act on the basis of standards of integrity and fair dealing and in a professional manner, in all their dealings on behalf of MCFE, whether with its other employees, its clients and customers, its regulator, or the public in general.